Who am I?

I’m a confident, strong, independent, and educated woman. I can be a wild, free spirit. I can be a nerdy home-body. I can also be an anxious, panicky mess.

I’m a 40 something massage therapist and registered nurse. I also have a degree in communications and I’m in school for yet another nursing degree. I’m married to a fabulous woman, who’s also a nurse and a massage therapist (with an additional degree in English). We have pets, because pets are awesome. We do not have kids. Don’t tell anyone, but I like animals more than children as a general rule.

I am not a psychologist, a therapist, or an official expert. I have, however, had periods of anxiety and panic attacks since I was in grade school. I’ve seen a few therapists over the years and they just don’t work for me. I’ve done a lot of researching, reading and self-work. I’m working on being an expert on my own brain, but I’m certainly not there yet. Maybe my process will benefit someone else.

I don’t update frequently, but I do make posts when I have time (and often more posts will appear when I’m having a tough time anxiety-wise).

Miranda Rae Brooks