About 7-8 years ago or so I went through some very stressful life events. A career change, the disintegration of my marriage to my high school sweet heart and the start of a new relationship. At that time I learned to use audio meditations and self-hypnosis programs to work through my anxiety and grief. It’s difficult to say how much it helped or didn’t help, but it was very soothing to me. I often used them when I went to sleep at night.

I have a collection of guided meditations and hypnosis files, but there is one company in particular that I have used multiple times over the years. The prices are reasonable ($14.95 each, but if you buy more than one the price drops) and the selection is extensive. I like the style and the leaders have soothing voices. I have titles relating to anxiety, of course, but also related to health/fitness/weight loss, money management, relationships etc. I don’t listed to them all the time, but if I have a particular concern or if I have trouble falling asleep, I will play one (or a play list of multiple) as I go to sleep.  The company I get most of them through is Uncommon Knowledge, feel free to check it out if it interests you.

I use a foam pillow with a built in speaker, but it looks like Amazon doesn’t sell them anymore (sadness), but I found these which are pretty cool. They are slim speakers designed to be put under your own pillow. I haven’t tried them though.

By the way, I offer various resource suggestions, but I don’t get any kickbacks or advertising dollars. This is just my own blog & my sharing tips. Just thought I’d clarify that.

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