Mantras – My Calm Kit

I’ve continued to have a difficult time with my anxiety attacks. I had multiple days of feeling completely like me. No anxiety, all is well in the world. Then, boom, it hits me again before work. Having had multiple panic attacks before work has created an association… which means it creeps into my mind, then I can shake it. The spiral begins.

I’ve made progress on creating my “Calm Kit” – originally named my panic kit. My therapist suggested I rename it to focus on what I want, not what I’m trying to avoid. In my kit is:

Rescue remedy drops

Panic Button aromatherapy blend

In case of emergency Xanax (which I avoid as much as possible – it makes me sleepy and I worry about rebound anxiety)

A few copies of my Panic Diary & a pen

An index card of some tips.

And an index card of some mantras.

Here are the mantras I found tonight and plan to try out:

This is temporary. It will always be temporary.

I’m not in this alone.

I’m stronger than I think. I’m stronger than this. 

Anxiety is just feelings and sensations.

This too shall pass.

Anxiety doesn’t define me.

I have anxiety, anxiety doesn’t have me. 

If you have mantras you have found to be useful, please pass them along.

My therapist also suggested I add a stress ball to squeeze to expend some of the nervous energy. She also suggested a small piece of candy. I haven’t added those items yet, but will soon.

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