Tips to fight the Winter blues

I thought this was a great post, with a lot of good ideas. I don’t usually have issues with S.A.D., thankfully, but her suggestions are good for mental health in general.


As we roll into October and Autumn/Winter is upon us, some of us feel a sense of dread – me included.


I am normally on countdown until Christmas day, excited for everything Christmas brings – socialising, cosy nights in, hibernating indoors and all of the food. But this year feels different. It makes me feel uneasy going into these months of colder weather, darker mornings and shorter days.

I think it stems from me linking my start of my ‘anxiety journey’ with winter, it was when I first started to feel the weight of it following a bout of flu and then struggling undiagnosed through numerous tests and a high dose of beta blockers.

I started to feel I was improving when spring arrived and with it, my diagnosis and beginning to understand what my mind and body needs. I found gardening and was able to be outdoors, morning jogs…

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