Anxiety Cells Found in the Brain?

I ran across this article on Science Alert, which was interesting. They isolated some cell areas in the Hippocampus which became active in mice when they were placed in known anxiety producing situations (open area of a maze, which makes them feel vulnerable to predators.) These cells sent signals to the hypothalamus. The Hypothalamus manages emotions through hormones. Also, those cells responded to a type of light therapy. Interesting information. Granted it’s with mice, but it could provide an area for new research.

I’ve always strongly felt there are chemical and biological factors to anxiety. Definitely not just “psychological.” How else can my anxiety vary at different times of month? Why is it so intense compared to others? Why do so many people in my family (the women) have severe anxiety? I know there are many factors, but I feel like it definitely isn’t “just in my head.”

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