The Cognitive Triangle & Anxiety Questionnaires

The triangle for understanding the anxiety response:


Journaling the triangle to track anxiety attacks helps to understand more about what is happening.

Fear is a psychological and physiological response to a definite threat – fight, flight, freeze.

Anxiety is a vague unpleasant sense of apprehension. Anxiety can trigger fear & fear can trigger lingering anxiety.

Anxiety disorder – Abnormally increased sensitivity to fearful stimuli, an inappropriately intense experience of fear and anxiety, and/or an extreme action or reaction to fear or anxiety.

Generalized anxiety disorder: general heightened anxiety

Panic disorder: The occurrence of panic attacks and fear of recurrent panic attacks

A few questionnaires that are available for anxiety:

Beck anxiety inventory

GAD-7 -this link is one you complete online and get the immediate results

DASS-21 – depression and anxiety questionnaire


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